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Flyte Tyme Worldwide has made significant investments in technology that result in the streamlined transmission of reservation and charge data through the entire lifecycle of the trip.

Booking Technology

The resulting infrastructure allows our clients to book ground transportation using a variety of tools including but not limited to:

  • GetThere
  • Axciom
  • CliqBook
  • Symphonie/Horizon
  • GT3/Saturn - Ground Travel Technology Team
  • GroundRez
  • Sabre, Apollo, Worldspan

Flyte Tyme Worldwide's advanced real-time interface allows travel counselors and travelers to book ground transportation and receive confirmation data in real-time in three seconds.  Our confirmation data includes the authentic confirmation number, rate, rate disclaimer, meeting instructions, pickup time (calculated by drivetime and offset by the time you need to arrive at the airport), and cancellation advice.

Advanced Profile Management

Flyte Tyme Worldwide has the capability to load profile data for your traveler's allowing for greater efficiency in reservation processing while reducing errors.  Further, Flyte Tyme can use this data to ensure that callers are who they say they are and are entitled to utilize Flyte Tyme services.  Beyond that, Flyte Tyme can provide your company and travelers with the ability to manage their own profile data.

Round-Trip Data Transmission to Chauffeurs

Our advanced reservation and dispatch systems allow our dispatch staff to 'drag and drop' reservation data to each one of our chauffeurs.   The reservation data is electronically transmitted to the chauffeur allowing them to 'accept' the trip and then provide dispatch with key event data including OnScene, Loaded and Unloaded.

Why is that important?  If the Chauffeur does not signal that they are 'OnScene' at least 15 minutes prior to the pickup time, the Dispatch team is automatically notified so that they can contact the chauffeur.

Email Confirmations / Alerts / Trip Alerts / Receipts / Surveys

Our advanced systems keep you in touch when it counts!  When the trip is confirmed, the traveler (and optionally someone else) receives the email confirmation.  The day prior to the pickup, the traveler will receive a TripAlert email reminding them that they have a pickup scheduled for the next day.  You can also elect to have your travelers receive an email alert when the chauffeur goes 'OnScene' for the pickup.  The alert includes the chauffeur's name and cell phone number which facilitates the chauffeur and the passenger finding each other (e.g. at the airport).  After the trip is completed, the traveler receives an email with the receipt information to facilitate expense management. We also send out periodic surveys by email allowing the traveler to comment on one or more trips that they have taken in a two week period.

Online / On-Demand Reporting

Flyte Tyme Worldwide can provide you with flexible reporting and make the reports available online, on-demand via the web using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.  The data can be provided via PDF or Microsoft Excel.


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